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Prepare Gate by Self-Study

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As IIT Guwahati released  the GATE 2018  notification,  gate aspirants have tightened their seatbelt and accelerated their preparation to crack gate 2018. Some of you have already enrolled in gate coaching institute, some of you are thinking about self-studying.

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This post mainly for those who are trying to get a good rank through self-study and crack gate 2018.




Read the full article to know how an EE gate aspirant got AIR 125 only through self study.

How to Crack GATE By Self Study:

I got rank around 125, I did self-study and somebody asked preparation strategy for self-study so I am sharing mine. Frankly speaking self-study is not for everyone you need to be highly motivated and directed towards your goal and chances of distraction is high as you do not find any competition on regular basis. After college I was in dilemma whether to join coaching or not but I knew from my kota and college days that I was not good at listening to  lectures so I decided to go with self-study.

Preparation Strategy

I started my preparation in month of june . I had madeeasy handwritten notes available in market and some reference books (bhimbra for machines and power electronics , wadhwa for power and nagrath for control system).I used to study one subject at a time from those notes and wherever I got any confusion I used to refer books.I used to give 10-15 days for one subject in which  I used to solve previous year gate , ies questions and in some cases kanodia also and most importantly I used to make short notes of each subject. Similarly I completed my whole syllabus by November.

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In month of December I started revision from my short notes along with it I  used to solve previous year gate problems and some selected questions from kanodia. I used to give around 4 days for it and used to give to  2 subject wise test.I completed my first revision on 5 january .Then I started giving mock test, gave around 10-12 mock test .Important thing of  mock test is  not worry about ranks you are getting in those ,you just need to rectify your mistakes (you can make notebook of it and see it before final exam).

In last 5 days I revised again from my short notes and did only those gate problems in which I used  to commit mistakes again and again.


while preparing as you are alone your motivation decays and for that you can cultivate habit of reading autobiography of successful people ,but do not give it more than half an hour in a day . I studied about kalam , Gandhi and Vivekananda and I used to get much needed boost for me. I always used to dream the day of result when I would tell my parent my rank and see them happy .


Important things for those who are self-studying

1. Make short notes in your own handwriting, really helpful while revising.

2.solve a lot of questions of each subject and do previous year gate question at least 3 times because similar type of question get repeated .

3.give at least 10 mock test to compare yourself with others preparation and it  helps in increasing your speed and accuracy.

4.Do not leave any single subject if you want to get good rank.

5. Most important is to revise previously done subjects on daily basis and study of minimum 8-10 hours is required for average student.

Note : Everyone has different style of studying and not necessarily it would suit you , only pick things you feel is good and apply to your scheme do not blindly follow it.


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