Himanshu’s Journey from GATE AIR 2527 to AIR 88 | Motivation for All

In this post I am sharing with you a exceptional motivational journey of  Himanshu Lohani who bounced back from AIR 2527 to AIR 88. I hope it will surely boost your confidence level also encourage you to work hard till the goal is reached.


Hello to everyone. Let me introduce u. I have done Btech in ECE from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, new delhi {2011-2015}. Cbse 12th pass out in 2010 with 91%. After that taken drop for preparing IIT-JEE already taken decision that I will drop next yr to prepare for JEE as a fresher. Nothing goes well, JEE not qualified, AIEEE rank in 21k. only state level exam IPU I got 533 rank. So took admission in that.

I became serious about GATE in 3rd year {6th sem} and decided to take coaching as at that time, not exposure to FB groups I have.

So on advice of seniours, I had joined Gateforum,delhi weekends classes. It is very difficult to get a good rank with college pressure and that too when some clgs have strict attendance criteria and academics. My salute to those people who cracked in their first attempt by only one year preparation that too with clg pressure.Although my preparation was good not that much but Gate 2015 was not for me, I got worst result  AIR 2527 in that. There are many other reasons for that. Restricted ques practice I will say in last few months . I only did EC previous year every time while revising subjects , ES previous year also in starting and EE previous year one time for common subjects. is one of the reason I want to share that what I feels. Last week or 10 days before gate exam were worst days. Everyday in morning I wake up and do half hour yoga in january to relief from stress. But still negativity was there stress about what will happen as I wake up all these things comes to mind. if I didn’t get good rank I gate.

The atmosphere before gate has so much changed. Last day before gate exam I still remember I was revising all the notes. When doing one subject quick revision, others things were coming in mind then other subjects and so on. The center was in Noida 3 hrs from house. And exam was in morning set1, so before night goes to relative house with my best friend and father. The pressure was there in mind while travelling. Some time feelling come I forgot this , then see that concept in phone pics. Both we discussing what will happen tomorrow , the decision 3 hrs. u can imagine that feeling and many of u have experienced that also. We have dinner at 9:00 PM, and after some talk goes to bed at 11:00PM. I have habit to sleep single, that day we all 3 were in one bed, and in mid father starts snoring {kharrate}. oh my god that was so irritating at that time.

I aready feeling pressure of exam and that makes even worst . I couldn’t do anything sometimes inserting phone lead in ears and my situation was like that this much time gone and still I didn’t sleep tomorrow have to wake up at 5:00AM, this much time I had left. 6 hrs sleep necessary. 11:00 to 2:00 this much time it take to me to adjust all. just 2;30 to 3 hrs sleep, unrelaxed mind. In morning too after breakfast while talking with friend, that was the extreme feeling in my lyf, so much pressure I could feel at that tym. Stressed environment. Gate exam started, poor time management I have. Plus while solving questions I was not confrmed on even my calculations. 5×11=55 and u know I was verifying this on calci, so much time wasted in all this. U can judge what mental pressure at that tym I had. Errors are always with me. Still I cannot eliminate all errors and done this tym also loose 14-16marks in errors. All this iam telling u bcz what I feels no one will tell u this experience, the real environment and this thing can be with anyone.

Only I did 40 to 45 questions. While giving exam I already know gate has gone this tym. Now I have to go TCS, all my hardwrk goes in vain. At one point of time I thought of leaving exam and go. 3,4 days it takes to recover from that. I know If I will sit isolated the feeling will come all the tym, so all the day I kept myself in front of TV comedy serials. I cannot let myself down. I couldn’t leave all just for one gate exam doesn’t go well in my favour. The positivity in me makes me to relief from it quickly and I started for BARC written as soon as my friend called me to what to do know. That day itself I completed digital previous year ques and my friend was saying “I was just saying to plan and u did and make me in pressure, now I also have to do”. Also after clg classes my guide orders for the major project so I have to manage both barc and reading IEEE research papers, US patent I read in 2,3 hrs. whatever the work the situation, I always try to give my 100%, hardwork in me is from childhood days.


I do not remember the past memory of 1st,2nd std. but my relatives manytimes told me about that after school, I first do my homework then have my lunch. Now on 11th march night gate result came and 2527 rank on it,was shocking at that time. But nothing can be changed. One day it take to recover from it. But I faced everything. All friends was asking for the rank and I said gate result is not good, got 2527 rank, to everyone who msgd me. Bcz many people isolate themselves after results. I did nothing like this, as I was in normal days, same I follow. Also I have my BARC exam on 17th march, so again I prepare for it by not going clgs in last 5 to 6 days. Within 10 or 14 days I covered my gate syllabus again and revised only EC previous year. No other subject I did. In the exam my speed was good, and managed to do 70 ques in that. The barc written was the only success for me after gate exam. Shortlisted for interview with 172 score.

I have seen many failures in my lyf, the past year was a series of failures, that too with close marks. CSIR-UGC net I cant cleared by one ques for 5 marks and falied in that. NPCIL exam again I failed by one ques 4 marks diff. although I attempted 84 ques in that errors in there make it. BEL written in that I also failed by 0.27 marks. AAI both exams, SAIL I failed. RRB exam in that too I failed. There are series of failures, BUT none of these faliures make my self confidence down. For each exam I tried and tried hardwrk I did. For NPCIL exam for 9 total seats, I goes to Jaipur after my minor exam date and given the exam there. At any point I donot loose my hardwrk patience. There was always a hope a thought, dream that one day all things will be in my favour.

I always believed in myself that I can do anything in this world. U all should make urself self motivated, believe in ur hardwrk. Life is very big that Competitive exams. All teaches u how to deal with situations, how to face them. How to live. I also tried for one IT company in Noida. Revised C++ in just 2,3 days. And concept wise I did good in that, but due to lack of programming ability since I couldn’t get in that. Finally the all exams take tym upto September. I prepared for RRB also, trued whatever I can do, the syllabus was huge. In between AAI ATC seats came 400 vacancies. Within one week I completed my 11,12th physics from coaching notes. I already decided to not give GATE 2016, suddenly in between decision changed and after one week thought consulatition with people, I decided to not give ATC, bcz for me the profile is diff and I cannt handle that lyf. 400 vacancies I leave them.

Also there was ISRO advt in between this. So I have planned that will go to TCS after giving ISRO exam. Will try again. If at this stage I wil not try, after this I will never get chance to do it. I have confidence that I will crack written for sure. On sept 3rd,2015 after my RRB exam. I planned for ISRO preparation. I calculated and I have 40 days in my hand. Of that last last 10 days for revision, so one month for all gate subjects+ extra subjects. Finally ISRO exams goes well and I was sure to shortlist for interview and by answer key I was getting 148 marks in it.


While preparing for the ISRO many thoughts came in mind while I joined two FB groups GATE GENESIS  {now changed to GATE CONCEPTS} and GATE ASPIRANT group and whatsapp group for doubt clearing. Finally I decided to prepare for GATE 2016. So according to strategy at that tym I will finish my notes and prepare by EC gate previous year and ES. And after ISRO exam will do ques from EE and IN branch and then test series. I managed to study for 12-14 hrs that include group ques which I think is the most beneficial part. Routine was not so fixed for sleep, sometime 12:00 upto 2:00, but sleep hours were fixed 6-7hrs, one hr in night 9 to 10 PM was fixed for dinner and TV. This slot was fixed from 2 years. Yes entertainment is must per day basis, according to me. It is totally my opinion on daily basis I watch comedy episodes while having lunch for half hr to 1hr, this all makes u fresh. Atlast u have to think while doing questions and ur mind should be free from all tensions then only u can have approach logic to solve ques. So remaining time I was only in bed and preparing. All the day sitting on bed transform rear part flat and front part (belly) comes out :p

From September to January I prepared.in between I found many aspirants who really helped me. The discussion in group makes u always in touch with all subjects. But it should be in limited or strict time management needed. Otherwise much time also goes in this. Dedicate ur some hours in group questions, discussion. I am suggesting this bcz iam much benefited from this. Many new things, approaches to solve a ques i get to know. Thx to all of the aspirants. Pardon me I am not mentioning u all bcz the list will reaches to 50 persons and above. While solving ques I was confident and when I did branchwise ques I started observation what Gate has common in inter branches. What I observe many concepts/ questions are repeated as it is in other branches. So It is very imp part of practice other branches ques atleast two times.

What I did after ISRO I prepared a separate spiral file and divide it in to subjects and after doing each subject from a branch I write the imp concpts the questions which looks to me imp and imp test series ques. Lets say I did netwrk from EE in one day and while doing ques I marked imp questions which I have to note in that file, so that I will revise only that. But the time was late for this. I managed to do so for common subjects before Diwali.  MORE U PRACTISE,THE STRONGER THE SUBJECT BECOMES. due to much practice and my speed I was getting good results. Although I started late and thus full length tests I able to start from 1st JAN 2016. The time management was good. ME test series I had joined and basic level test I was able to complete in 2 hrs with review marked questons. In some tests even 72 minutes left for review ques. I gave full lengths 7 basic level tests, 2 gate level mock and 3 center based test. Basic level test I started with 64 marks and goes upto 85 marks. In mock test and center based test my score were in 63 to 70. In between ISRO results also cae and got 8 rank in written exam. That amplifies my confidence.

Now this tym there was no such tensed environment like 2015. The best thing was that I got afternoon tym, so sleep problem solved for me. Yes last day was bit tensed when I read reviews of set1 paper, but thanks to my friend/brother VIVEK SAHU who helped me to regain my confidence on last day, and after that no tensed feelings pressure was in my find. There was no feeling that I am giving gate exam 2nd tym, and what if it do not goes well. The exam goes well and I attempted 58 questions 89 marks in that. Expecting if maximum 10 marks also deducted still I got enough score. Unfortunately this tym too I was not error free, 14-16 marks goes in error, by iisc key and ME key I ws getting 66.33 marks, yes this hurts much when u see so much errors. But at last what is final the relative performance. Got AIR 88 this tym

Dear, what all I learnt from my lyf don’t loose ur self confidence, always do ur hardwrk. One day u will definitely rewarded gets its value. Lyf is not just a competitive exam, I again repeat. It is how u deal with every problem, what is ur attitude toward it. How u take it and definitely how u prepared hardwrk to achieve it. Everything happens to ur lyf is good for u. there is a right time in everyones lyf. My time was not last year, GOD wants me to more shin, more hardwrk needed from mine. It Is only u how u are looking the failures happened to ur lyf.

I have almost shared 2 years of failures and result. Hope u will find some motivation from it. If I can turn 2527 into 88, then why u couldn’t. everyone has talent. Just planned ur self how to prepare in coming months, strategies. No need to follow others success story. Make ur own plans. Iam sharing what I think. Go through it once



  1. PRACTISE: do ur branch gate,ies previous years. After that other branch gate previous year EC,IN common subjects. On practicing these u have much idea of ques types asked in gate and in what form. Try to analyze questions, many questions are observation based, u need diff thinking to solve them. After all previous year now try workbook questions. I know about ME and ACE practice books, so I will suggest this. By doing all this u will have wide ranges of ques, familiar with many concpts and ability to think in right way in short tym developed. Now only time management needed
  2. TEST SERIES: test series is all about time management and ur practice. Gate will not ask too much formula based ques. So no needto be in pressure that I have to complete so many test and all. If u already practiced much from buks. Then only solving with timer is required and calci use. Yes one point here I want to share. Practice in online calci from the starting. Or make ur practice such that u need less use of calci. This tym this was a problem with many in online calci, I donot faced problem in this. As I already practiced in calci since 2,3 months before gate. In mobile app I used that calci only while doing questions in practice. That makes me regular to see where the keys located and thus no problem I faced. So test series is all about this. Diff strategies are there. I used CHANDRAKANT MISHRA SIR’s what he told in the group. Some points what u have to learn in test series. Although this thing u will get in detail by teachers how to attempt 3hrs paper. Iam writing a bit about it. Performance Is improved by these:
    • While solving ques, write properly and clean calcuations. And encircle the answer u got.
    • After doing a calculation based question, just overview the solution once more, whether any calculation mistake u did or not. It hardly takes 1 min, for some ques it can take 2 min. but this checking at that time only is the best method. U can save by this much marks, which normally we say we did in mistakes. By this errors can be minimized
    • Assign ur 3hrs time in 3 parts. First 20 min for GA section. This is max time to be invested, If u couldn’t manage to solve some ques in this tym. Leave them and mark review, now 40 min for 25 questions 1 mark. And last 60 minutes for 2 mark ques. Be strict in this. One of the best strategy I would say, which makes my speed. Then on last 1 hr or 40 min u have to see marked questions


so that’s all from myside, iam ending this. Already 4 pages I wrote. Many things are missed. But still I hope u get benefited for this all, and motivated. I invested 3hrs in writing all this. Best wishes to all of u. prepare well, believe urself. Thanks.

Source: FB Post Shared by Himanshu Lohani

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  1. Firstly, congratulations!! Your story is really motivating 🙂 I have a few queries.
    Could you tell me which groups helped you in discussions, FB or WhatsApp?
    Which group has CHANDRAKANT MISHRA SIR posted strategies for gate?
    None of my friends are writing gate and Im not going for any coaching. I need some help in some topics, which groups like this can help me

    1. If there is any group or any person preparing for 2017 ece please add me on whatsapp 9778547544
      Or kindly suggest me any fb group which is active.

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