How to Prepare Electromagnetic Theory for GATE IES PSU| Complete Strategy

How to prepare EM Theory for Gate

EM Theory Preparation Guide

Electromagnetic Theory or EM Theory is the mother subject of Electrical/Electronics. You need to have strong foundation on this particular subject to understand other subjects. Although it is one of the toughest subjects to many aspirants but referring standard books will make it an easy subject. The following strategy for EMT will fetch you good marks in all competitive exams like Gate, India Engineering Services and PSU exams.

First of all you have to learn vector calculus thoroughly. It’s a must. Vector calculus will be required in each and every topic of EM Theory. You should invest proper time to learn it.  It’s easy and also fetch you 1-2 marks in exams. Gradient, Divergence,  Curl,  Gauss Divergence Theorem, Stokes Theorem etc. will be required every time.
For vector calculus Higher Engineering Mathematics By B. S. Grewal will be enough.


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Then start with 3-dimensional co-ordinate geometry. Cylindrical as well spherical co-ordinate geometry related all formulas shoud be learned by you. Divergence, Curl,  Laplace Equation etc formulas in spherical and cylindrical coordinate geometry should be in finger tips.  These formulas are lengthy but never ignore these as in gate and psus sometimes  they just check whether you can remember these formulas by directly giving vector in spherical coordinate and  you to find diverge etc.

This particular part is well written in Principals of Electromagnetics by Sadiku book. Explained in a lucid manner.


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As you will start from zero this is the best book for easy understanding. Don’t give more stress on electrostatics/Magneto-statics as its syllabus is huge and carry less marks.
You can cover Maxwell’s equation, Boundary conditions, polarization from sadiku’s book. Maxwell’s equation is very important and you should learn it for different media and solve as many problems possible.  Also Polarization,  Boundary conditions should be given equal importance.  You can solve solved examples of Sadiku.

Next is Transmission Line. One question is compulsory from this chapter. Every year in gate there’s an T/L question with some twist. Learn this topic as much as possible.  Solve previous year questions. In gate they are now asking characteristic equation of coaxial line, twisted pair, parallel line transmission lines so you should learn these formulas which is given in Sadiku.  Smith Chart can be prepared from Sadiku EM Theory book.  Also S parameter is also important find some materials online from this topic. If you can’t we will upload it here.  For Transmission line overall you can follow Electromagnetic Waves & Radiating Systems book by Jordan .


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For Waveguide you can follow sadiku. You need to remember formulas from this chapter.  Mostly formula based questions with extensive calculation are asked.

For Antenna theory the best book is Antenna & Wave Propagation by K.D.Prasad. This is a huge topic with lots of formulas and equations. You need to emphasis on radiation resistance,  directivity,  directive gain etc.  for half wave,  quarter wave dipole.  Also newly introduced antenna array is very important.  Braodside array,  endfire array,  array factor, HPBW, BWFN, directivity can be read from this topic.


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As you can see this subject is really vast with lots of equations,  formulas so you need to revise it very often.  Also it carries a good weightage in any exam be it GATE, IES, JTO or PSU.  For GATE a good number of questions should be solved to have a grip on this subject.  Mostly theoretical questions are asked in PSU exams from Transmission Line, Maxwell’s Equations,  Waveguide and Antennas. From Gate point of view you can skip electrostatics, magneto-statics, Antenna as they carry very less marks if you find it difficult or if you have time constraints but for psus antenna is a must.

All the best!

If you have any query, suggestion you can comment in the comment box below.

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  1. how can I prepare electromagnetic and antenna subject, it gets lots of equations which are not easy to learn.. m preparing gate exam 2017

    1. You are right… But that’s how it goes… some are tough some are easy.. Invest good amount of time on subjects you are facing difficulty. We will upload hand written notes of Antenna Theory in near future.. keep an eye on our website.. Thank you

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