BSNL JE TTA 25 September Questions | Exam Review

BSNL JE TTA 25 September Questions

The following questions were asked in the first set exam of BSNL JE TTA  September Questions

Only basic questions asked in morning paper. High scoring subject in basic engineering is Electronics Devices.

Some questions:

1)which is layer above presentation layer in osi?
2)high resistance measuring device?
3)dimensional formula for gravitational constant?
4)units of inertia?
5) 111110 hexa decimal value
6) Tumor is a part of which study
7) Army Flag Day

From English: narration and active passive









Exam Review.
Session 3 PM

Atleast 20 questions repeated from last two year papers. It is useless if you are doing those 2010-11 Kolkata / Jharkhand etc papers that have tough numericals.

No question had calculation of more than 5 lines if you know. And Only 10-15 % paper was numerical.

Some of the questions that I didn’t know may help you if they get repeated.

1. Read about FAR CALL and FAR JUMP in 8086.
2. Effect of rain on microwaves frequency wise
3. Interrupt memory location in 8086
4. Which motor is frequency converter- 3 phase squirrel, wounded and Synchronous.
5. Which topology is suitable for connection of two 3 phase 4 wire networks, ie star star, star delta etc

Do read basics of Active passive and Direct Indirect.

1st Shift Review
there were lots of questions on maths which were tough
electrical part  was  on difficult side,  gk was not that easy.
physics was very easy and communication was easy . basic c and c plus plus questions were also asked.

Some topics from Questions were asked:

Math: integration, 1 matrix properties , diagonal elements of  skew symmetric  matrix

English: active passive, rearrange sentence,blanks, opposite of  ‘affluent ‘

GK: swach Bharat award winning city,  sunita williams mission, ,first movie director, BSNL 2015 movie scheme,

Engineering: 8086 micrprocessor, Power spectral density, Doping, voltage and current amplifier, electrostatics , RLC, Feedback, Power amplifier, Microwave, 555 timer,


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