ACE Academy Hyderabad Spark Batch Experience

ACE Engineering Academy Coaching Experience

In this post I am sharing my coaching experience at ACE Engineering Academy Hyderabad Sprak Batch Electronics and Communication Engineering.

As I had studied in a government college with more than 75% marks I was eligible for admission in spark batch. Please visit ace official website for complete eligibility details.

I took online admission and class commenced on 3rd June.

They gave us one study material with classroom practice questions and one one workbook for self practice for each subject. Also previous year gate solution book was given.

There was not a huge difference between spark batch and a normal batch.

Spark batch is superior in the sense that students admitted in this batch had good marks and also they are serious about their studies. So overall environment is full of doubts/questions/answers/gate/ies. You won’t find any nonsense thing.

I have discussed other aspects of spark batch in this YouTube  video.



I hope this will clear all your doubts related to ACE Engineering Academy Hyderabad spark batch. But If you still has any sort doubt feel free to ask me. I will be more than happy to assist you.

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29 thoughts to “ACE Academy Hyderabad Spark Batch Experience”

  1. iam passout of 2016(ece),in 2016 gate iam not qualified gate i am intrested to join gate spark batch in ace academy.may i have chances to get better score in 2017 gate with out qualifying 2016 exam.and suggest which ace branch is better for good faculty dilsukhnagar r abhids.

    1. Both dilsukhnagar and abids branches are same as same faculty will take classes. It completely depends on you… If you work smart then you will get good score.. But it completely depends on you, your hardwork, problem solving and a bit of luck on exam day. All the best.

  2. That was a good video that you made,i have the marks to get into spark bat h but so far I have hear that regular batch covers more basic stuff,my base is really weak so comparing both which would be better.

    1. There is no harm if you join regular batch… They teach basically some extra ies topics in sparks batch… That is also not required in gate point of view… You join any batch and start preparing… Don’t rely on them entirely.

  3. hello sir,
    i am currently final year BE-mechanical of government aided college with CGPA – 6.7.
    i am not well in basics. so which batch is suitable for me. i am plan to join GATE 2018 exam.
    can you help me with this.

  4. dear sir, does Ace academy has study hours where students can study much time in a day.because I want to join evening can I read from morning to evening in institute and clarify my doubts.

  5. Im mechanical engineering graduate g,iot my academic cgpa 6.51, I am eligible for ies exam or not, if I eligible means I want join ace academy in Hyderabad

  6. how to manage studying and doing extra problems when whole time is going in coaching class only almost 8 hrs ? is it better to do self study ?

  7. Sir,What is the rating(out of 5) that you give for teaching point of view in spark(Abids) and also regular batch in Ace academy.

  8. Sir,How many months spark batch courses to complete? Is any examination will examination conduct during course period?

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