BARC Interview Experience (Mechanical)| How to Crack BARC Interview?

BARC Interview Preparation

In my previous post I have shared BARC OCES/DGFS Previous Year Cutoff | BARC GATE Score Cutoff .

After clearing the BARC written Exam the toughest thing is clearing the BARC interview.

Your BARC OCES/DGFS Written Marks/GATE Rank etc. is of no use for the Interview. You have to perform exceptionally well in an approximately one hour interview to clear BARC interview.

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barc interview experience


Here I am sharing with you the interview experience of MR. VIKASH KUMAR TIWARI who was selected in BARC.

BARC Interview Experience Mechanical Branch

Date 10th June,2015 ; 4:42 p.m.
Panel consisted of 5 members including the panel head.
As soon as I entered they first asked me what is your height? tongue emoticon
Me: 174 cm
Panel Head : We are old people please tell in foot and inches.
Me: 5 foot 8 point some inches.
Panel head : oh but yoy look taller what’s the reason either your legs are taller or your body thinner.
Me : I don’t know
Then they asked me about my home town , Year of graduation, etc
Panel head : When did you passed the qualifying exam.
Me : June 2014
M1 : What you were doing since June
Me : I am employed in a Power transformer company (TBEA Energy India Pvt Ltd)
They didn’t ask further about my employment but what is the role of a mechanical Engineer in a transformer company.
Then they started the technical part…
Panel head : draw 2 spherical enclosures having same volume, both of them are filled with air , temperatures are same , p1 = 2 bar p2 = 4 bar. Now if we give same amount of heat to both the containers In which one the temperature rise will be more or will it be the same in both the containers.

Me : I was nervous so started making P~V T~S diagrams (Nonsense :P) , Then he gave me a hint – Itta karne ki jaroorat hai kya simply 1st law se nhi hoga kya -I applied 1st law though I did a silly mistake then they gave me another hint and the question was solved.
I thought after making such a silly mistake at first I am not going to be selected …
Q2 : How you calculate the work done..
Me : Integration Pdv
P.H : In all cases?
Me : No only for reversible ones…
P.H : How to calculate for Irreversible process?
I was clueless tongue emoticon……He gave me a irreversible condition a piston cylinder arrangement having 10 bar internal pressure with surrounding having 2 bar pressure calculate the WD
Me : 2.dv
Then they grilled me about it how?….I explained
M3 : Made a piston cylinder arrangement then he placed it in vertical position he with gas on the lower side and water filled above the piston upto certain height. he made a hole in cylinder at some height from where water starts flowing out. Then he framed lot of questions like how the force on piston will vary with time , How the piston will move , What will be the final equilibrium state.
Analysing the situation was a bit difficult I raised some points in the questions and they further imposed the constraints in that problem so the question became a discussion eventually.
M1 drew lenoir cycle on PV and asked what will be the Heat transfer, then he asked how to calculate the heat transfer for various processes in the cycle. Then he said me to draw it on T-S plot.
they were asking all the details like why you are of increasing the entropy, temperature etc. They helped also when i went wrong. At first I did a wrong conversion then M3 said me to draw isobars on T-S. As soon as i drew it struck and i did draw the correct cycle on T-S. They asked Heat capacities for all the 3 processes in the cycle.
M2 asked a problem on Dam. I was solving it by integration method then one of the panel members said why don’t you use centre of pressure. then again I did it by centre of pressure method ( Solution became very short :P)
M2 : What is thermal equilibrium?
Me : that means temperatures of two bodies are equal.
M2 : Explain it properly
Me : Thermal equilibrium means there is no heat transfer and bodies within system reaches at the same temperature.
M4 : What is zeroth law?

I explained then he asked why we are not at the room temperature as we are sitting here since morning. I explained about metabolism within the body. Then they asked me to touch a pencil and the call bell, Those two were at different temperatures. Then they started asking why these things ,which dont have metabolism mechanism, are at different temperature and what about validity of zeroth law here. The discussion went on for 5 to 10 minutes. I answered some of their questions partially and some of them fully between the discussion.
M2 made two rods fixed at one end having thermal expansion coeff alpha and 2 alpha respectively. Then he made variations and almost covered 2 to 3 type of thermal expansion problems in SOM. As i was solving meanwhile they were asking explanation and analysis. This was the easiest part so far during my interview tongue emoticon
Then M1 started making a cube and a sphere having same weight, same material, same surroundings and same temperature. He asked which one will cool faster. The panel head interrupted choro ab ho gaya rehne do. Then panel head asked what do you think department of atomic energy does?
Me : DAE is responsible for production and efficient use of nuclear power in India. DAE has various nuclear power plants within India maintenance and control of which is done by DAE itself. Second , DAE is engaged in nuclear research one of the example I told that BARC itself in 2014 discovered Iodine-125, which can be used for treatment of eye cancer, other isotopes of iodine are also used for thyroid and cancer treatment.
Then he told me that recently BARC has found that nuclear radiation can also be used to preserve foods and vegetables for longer duration as compared to the cold storage. Soon they will start applying it in India.

Then he asked me what you think your role will be in DAE as mechanical engineer. I said as Nuclear power plant is a kind of thermal power plant so basically power generation is done by utilization of heat generated from fission. So all the design, maintenance, construction of nuclear reactors will involve mechanical engineering.
Then at last he said . We are satisfied from your performance in the interview. What we do here is that we select around 100 students and recommend the names to DAE. Then according to the vacancy they shortlist the candidates in order of marks obtained in the interview. So what I can say is that you are in that zone of selection but I can’t give you 100% assurance. All the Best.
M1 who made the cube and sphere said : chalo aise hi dekh k bata do kaun pehle thanda hoga . I said cube.
So here the interview was finished. I thanked them and left .
The BARC interview went for 1 hr 15 minutes.
Hope this helps to all the Mechanical aspirants willing to appear in BARC interview.

And yes don’t bother about written marks or even GATE rank every one has equal opportunity in the interview. My written score 117/300 and didn’t appear in GATE 2015 (Employment sucks :P)
Wish you all Best.”

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