GATE 2018 – You Can Crack It!

GATE 2018 – You Can Crack It!

As the year 2017 is coming to an end, engineering students are preparing themselves to face one of the elite exams in India, “GATE 2018”. Some students start preparing for the exam from the first semester only and some start from the 3rd year of the college.

Let’s talk about the exam and its eligibility criteria.

About GATE:

GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. It’s a national level exam for the admission to post-graduate programs like Masters of Engineering [M.E], Masters of Technology [M.Tech], and direct admission in PhD in Indian Institutes for higher educations. The financial assistance for the course is provided by Ministry of Human Resource and Development [MHRD] and other Government agencies. GATE’s scorecards are also being considered in private sectors. Companies like TATA Power has declared that they will be recruiting disciples through Gate’s scorecards. But the biggest recruitment through Gate is done through Public Sector Undertaking [PSU]. It is created by the government to undertake commercial projects under its own banner. The ICFAI University Bangalore is one the best universities, which nurtures engineers who compete in Gate examination.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • The student should in final year or already completed the course
  • The year of qualification should be before 2018

Organized by:

  • Indian Institute of Technology [IIT], Guwahati


  • The exam is scheduled for February 4, 5, 11 & 12


  • Multiple Choice Questions [MCQ]
  • Numerical Answer Questions
  • 65 questions carrying 100 marks
  • Negative marking for each wrong answer


  • 3 Hours


  • Scorecard is valid for 3 years

Date of Result:

  • 17th March 2018

But there are some myths about the examination which flows across the students. They face a fear of failure in the exam and even didn’t try to study for that. Some myths are as follows

  • The exam is very tough as it’s a national level exam
  • Attend as many questions you can to get maximum number of marks
  • Lots of hard work is required
  • Study the whole night before the exam, then only you will be able to remember everything

Students should stop worrying and start using their mind. Here are some tips which you should follow:

  • Start sketching your schedule from the scratch
  • Try solving some previous years papers
  • Try to manage time between each question or each section
  • Try to read and understand the questions thoroughly
  • Keep your documents ready
  • Take care of your personal health as well

These tips will definitely to improve your skills and reduce your fear of failing in Gate exam and there are also some engineers who don’t want to peruse M.Tech and M.E. They directly go for Top MBA colleges in Maharashtra, Pune, Karnataka etc.

But the fire in the eyes of engineers always glow and the never-ending hunger for knowledge starve them. That’s why GATE examination is one of the best paths, an engineer can pick to learn, develop, and nurture their skills for the technical fields. With more than 12 lakh students entering this year in the exam, their knowledge, patience, time management etc will be tested on a whole new level. But one thing is for sure, that their competition doesn’t end here. It was just a beginning. The top recruiting companies are waiting for them in future and students have to go through a new level of assessments to clear them.

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