How to prepare for Transportation Engineering | Transportation Engineering Preparation Strategy

How to prepare for Transportation Engineering for GATE


Transportation Engineering is the third most important subject in Civil Engineering for GATE and comprises an average 8% of GATE’s overall marking scheme. This subject covers the transportation medium that is roads, rails, and air. This subject also plays a very important role in interviews at many companies.

GATE Civil Syllabus mentions the following for Transportation Engineering subject.

Transportation Infrastructure: Highway alignment and engineering surveys; Geometric design of highways – cross-sectional elements, sight distances, horizontal and vertical alignments; Geometric design of railway track; Airport runway length, taxiway and exit taxiway design.

Highway Pavements: Highway materials – desirable properties and quality control tests; Design of bituminous paving mixes; Design factors for flexible and rigid pavements; Design of flexible pavement using IRC: 37-2012; Design of rigid pavements using IRC: 58-2011; Distresses in concrete pavements.

Traffic Engineering: Traffic studies on flow, speed, travel time – delay and O-D study, PCU, peak hour factor, parking study, accident study and analysis, statistical analysis of traffic data; Microscopic and macroscopic parameters of traffic flow, fundamental relationships; Control devices, signal design by Webster’s method; Types of intersections and channelization; Highway capacity and level of service of rural highways and urban roads

Coming on to the point that how to prepare for it. Highway Engineering is a part of Transportation engineering along with airport engineering and railway engineering, so coming onto the discussion:

  1. Highway Engineering –

This portion of transportation engineering deals with characteristics of the road and safe design of highways. How highways should be designed to maintain smooth traveling of the vehicles, determining the unevenness of roads, drainage, and its shape and many more various features. Highway Engineering comprises the highest weightage of marks out of all three in GATE and various other examinations

  • The topics comprise in Highway Engineering include:

Geometric Design, Traffic Engineering, Design of Pavement, and Materials used for the construction of Highways.

  1. Airport Engineering –

This portion of Transportation Engineering deals with air transportation, based on how an airport should be designed, where the airplane has to land, and where to take off.

The topics comprise in Fundamentals include:

Geometrical Design of Runway length, Taxiway, and Exit Taxiway

  1. Railway pollution –

Since India has the largest rail network throughout the world, this branch has its importance in various engineering exams. This portion deals with rails, their design, its components, and everything related to its proper running.

The topics comprise in Fundamentals include:

Geometrical Design of Railway Tracks



Since we have let you know about its parts and how to study them. Let us talk about reference books that might be helpful on such occasions.

The reference books are –

  1. “Highway Engineering” by Justo and Khanna



There are many other books out there in the market you may refer them also but remember stick to only one. Referring to too many books will do you no good, instead, you will end up exhausted and confused.

For study materials, if you are unable to pay for study materials, YouTube is filled with many video lectures of good faculties. You can refer to those for good understanding along with reference books.

Highway Engineering comes with various values that is mentioned in Bridge Rule or by IRC. In this subject, you have to learn those values, there is no other way possible.

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