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Recommended Books for GATE ECE

Standard Books For GATE ECE

Best Book For GATE Preparation ECE

In this we are sharing the standard books one should follow to crack GATE exam.  GATE consists of concept based questions which you need to complete in minimum time. In three hour gate exam you get roughly 180/65= 2.76 mins per question. Nowadays, gate authorities are focusing more on numerical type of questions with no options. So, if you are really able to solve the question correctly then only you will get marks. This was not the case few years back when all questions were MCQ based and sometimes student can guess the answer from the MCQ options.

As the complexity of GATE Exam is increasing, students have to have through understanding of the subject along with exceptional problem solving and analytical skill to be able to crack gate exam.

Here, we are sharing with you the standard books for GATE ECE preparation. These are the basic elementary books that are followed in IITs also. These books will help you to build your concepts of the subject in a manner such that you can tackle tough conceptual questions with cent percent accuracy. As, accuracy is the key for success in GATE Exam. Sometimes, even if you know the topic you may not be solve the problem accurately. So, there is a no difference between you and  a person who doesn’t know anything about that topic as you both won’t get any marks.



The below list is created by taking suggestions from faculties of ACE Academy, GATE rankers etc.

We strongly suggest you to solve the chapter end problems of the below mentioned books. Sometimes, questions are directly copied from there.

If you have any query regarding the books please feel free to comment. 


1. Analog Electronics 

Microelectronic Circuits: Theory And Applications by Adel S. Sedra


2. Control System

Control Systems Engineering by Norman S. Nise


3. Network Theory

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits by Charles K. Alexander, Matthew N.O. Sadiku


4.Digital Electronics

Fundamentals of Digital Circuits by Kumar A. Anand


5. Communication System

Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems by B.P. Lathi, Zhi Ding


6. Signal and System

Signals and Systems by Oppenheim/Willsky/Hamid


7. Electronic Devices

Solid State Electronic Devices by Streetman


8. Mathematics

Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S. Grewal


9. Microprocessor

Microprocessor Architecture, Programming and Applications with the 8085 by Ramesh Gaonkar


10. Electromagnetic Theory

Principles of Electromagnetics by Matthew N.O. Sadiku, S.V. Kulkarni


Antenna & Wave Propagation by K D Prasad


11. Aptitude

Reasoning & Aptitude Theory and Previous Year Solved Papers by Made Easy


12. VLSI

CMOS VLSI Design: A circuits and systems perspective by Weste/Harris


13. Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing: Principles, Algorithms, and Applications by John G. Proakis, Dimitris G. Manolakis



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