IOCL Interview Experience | How to Crack IOCL

IOCL Interview Experience

In this post I am going to share with you another PSU interview experience which will help you to prepare for PSU. 

I have already shared Interview experience of BARC (Mechanical), Inteview Experience of ISRO(ECE

IOCL Interview

About IOCL:

Indian Oil Corporation Limited , or IOCL, as it is famously called is an Indian Government owned oil & gas corporation with its headquarters in New Delhi, India. It is the world’s 119th largest corporation, according to Fortune Global 500 list and the largest public corporation in India by ranking the revenue. IndianOil and its subsidiaries account for almost 49% share in the petroleum products market, 31% share in refining capacity and 67% downstream sector pipelines capacity in India.

The IndianOil Group of companies owns and operates 11 out of India’s 23 refineries with a combined refining capacity of 80.7 million metric tonnes per year. In FY 2012 IOCL sold 75.66 million tonnes of petroleum products and reported a PBT of 37.54 billion, and the Government of India earned an excise duty of 232.53 billion and tax of 10.68 billion. The company is mainly controlled by Government of India which owns approximately 58.57% shares in the company. It is one of the seven Maharatna status companies of India, along with Coal India Limited , NTPC Limited , Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Steel Authority of India Limited , Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited and Gas Authority of India Limited .


IOCL Interview Experience 1

IOCL Interview Experience 2015 (Selected) GD/GT detail experience…

Rank- 490, OBC

Interview date- June 11, IIPM gurgaon

Brief about company, its turnover etc.

Snacks and then document verification. All mentioned documents need to be provided as per Iocl and caste certificate format can be different, undertaking will be taken.

Group discussion and group test done in group of 10. It’s basically discussion for both gd and gt. Only you have to speak normally. My topic was “Skill India” and in GT, a case study was given and all have to discuss and come to conclusion as a group. So, don’t fight, be calm,  speak whenever possible, excess speaking is not required.

In between, snacks and all will be provided that to of quality type.

Interview- A panel of 5 to 8 peoples including at least 1 female.

I entered the room, said good afternoon sir,mam. They asked to be seated. Started with the form I filled. Wrote about my college project. Huge discussion over that, detailed. Then, intership, training in detail. I had done a good project of robot and represented in NASA,USA. So, they asked to make robot on white board with marker. All were very interestingly listioning. Then came my job experience at TATA MOTORS, why left job, goid pay, convince us, what is guarantee u will not leave Iocl.. I answered them, I  told I didnt find any scope to learn, diversity was missing their, here we have different options in Iocl. They told, we will put you to count cylinders for 2 years, I told, no issue 3rd year I will get something new..

Further, some tech questions related to RDBMS, compiler, machine language..

Now, they asked “where do you find yourself to be in the company?” I told that I had to be self confident so that I can manage man,machine,materials on my own.

Further, some questions about home, family, hobby. They were heavily impressed and said, we had not found such an interesting and talented candidate. Actually, they also got to know that i am BIT mesra University Gold medalist in Electrical.

That’s all.

I was sure that I would make through… ☺☺☺

An awesome lunch, I gave my online train ticket and got fair upto 2nd AC.

Result declared on 30th june, joined on 13th july 2015.



  • Do carry all document including GATE admit card and score card print.
  • Be on time, u will be free on time, u can also get ur interview done early if u have train/flight.
  • Do pay respect to everyone as all people are well paid, seniors to us.
  • Be positive, even low ranker gets selected.
  • Be prepared with all u write in form, try to expose all projects u have done. This wud prevent u from their tech or HR questions.
  • They will try to make you speak bad for last job, don’t tell if you have any experience. All jobs are good. Don’t just speak anything about Iocl. Get a brief from website about its market capture.
  • They will certainly ask your role in oil refining company.
  • Never tell, you have to do technical only. Technical and managerial both skills are required as Iocl has very less in technical especially for electrical. Don’t expose your future plans. Youu can share that if company provides opportunity for an MBA, you will do.


IOCL Interview Experience 2

Iocl Interview – 7 July 2016 – Gurgaon

GD – Women should be kept in home and made to exit from the workforce

GT – There is an oil company.. You are one of the managers there. Your seniors and colleagues are not supporting you and not listening to you. What will you do?

1. Resign or seek transfer to some other unit

2. Remain there and try to change the situation. If yes, then how?

Personal Interview

1. Is your rank upto your expectations? Or is it below/above your expectations ?

2. What are you expecting now after this rank ?

3. Why Oil sector and not your core ?

4. Price of LPG that you receive at your home

5. Scheme related to LPG launched by Govt.


1. Air gap in Induction Motor

2. Efficiency of TF and Moto. Which is higher?

3. 5 Protections of Power Transformer

4. What is Residual Earth Fault Protection? I was asked to explain it on board. (as I answered it as one of the protections)

5. Star Delta starter

6. Industrial Training (just asked the capacity of power plant in which i did my training)

7. CTs rated in what?

And in the last

Where will you want to join if you get several offers?

IES ? Any further plan for IES?

Panel was quite supportive.

IOCL Interview Experience 3

Iocl interview Date 02/07/2016, reached at 8 am.

My turn came at 6:30 pm frown emoticon No hr…not even a single question.

1. Entered into the room. They told me to sit.

2. What is thermal relay ?

3. Star delta starter

4. I told mathematics as my favourite subject so they asked some questions from probability . Then they asked one question…what is the probability that u will get selected?

5. They sent me on board to show them star delta transformation.

6. Definition of synchronous reatctance. They asked me to take a candy and wish me all the best.


Some other questions:-

1. They asked hr mainly about 75%

2. Major

3. Training But none of them was in my case.


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