ISRO Interview Questions Mechanical | All Mechanical Interview Questions In One Place

ISRO Interview Questions Mechanical Collection

ISRO Interview Questions Mechanical

All ISRO Interview Questions in One Place

In this post we are sharing interview questions asked in ISRO interview.  We have collected these questions from personal experiences of candidates, social networking sites like facebook, quora etc. We hope these questions will give you great idea about ISRO interview process. Also, we would like to tell you that in the below question list some of the questions are asked based on candidates individual skill set. So It is not desirable to know every  topic mentioned in below questions. But to be in safe side please try to cover as much topics as you can cover. This will surely increase your chances to be selected in the interview.

ISRO  Interview Details

  • Panel may consists of 5-10  senior scientists, IIT faculties etc.
  • They may ask you to choose your top 3-5 favourite questions.
  • They may mask ask questions from your favourite subjects or may not.
  • You need to give full explanation of every question/topic asked.
  • Be familiarized with Blackboard teaching as you may have explain on blackboard.
  • They may ask you about your B.Tech final year project. But It completely depends on them.
  • For M.Tech students prepare well the M.Tech thesis topic.
  • Reach interview venue before time.
  • Check all documents, a day in advance.
  • Don’t forget to keep a pen with you in interview room.

ISRO Interview Questions Mechanical

  • Draw a thick cylinder. How will you classify thin and thick cylinders?
  • What if there is external pressure and no internal fluid?
  • Draw one cantilever with point load at one end. Tell me the deflection at free end.tell me the formula
  • Cut it in two pieces and tell me about shear forces at different points. Draw its shear force and bending moment diagram.
  • How will shear stress vary?
  • What is the relation between average and maximum shear stress?
  • What if beam is circular?
  • There is a rectangular beam hanging with a cable on a crane. The weight of beam is 10 tonnes. Angle b/w cables is 60 degree. What will be tension in the cable?
  • In projectile motion at what angle the range is maximum?
  • Write rigid body equation of motion?
  • If i give you perimeter= 12 m can you find the dimensions for maximum area?
  • Do you know what was ISRO last mission all about?
  • what is heat shield?

  • What is the difference between Centripetal and Centrifugal Force ?
  • Can they act on a body simultaneously ?
  • Tell me difference between Governor and Flywheel. Factors to be considered for designing flywheel, like mass, stiffness and other things.
  • How it stores energy, How angular velocity gets changed ?
  • What is product moment of Inertia?What is its significance ?
  • What is Nusselt no.? Give practical exam.
  • How can you join two objects without using Nut Bolt fixture?
  • Tell me basic definition of welding.
  • Draw a beam on board with both ends fixed. And show me what reactions will be there if u load it with UDL..!
  • Tell me is this beam determinate or indeterminate?
  • Do u know about dynamic loading and design? draw a graph and explain.
  • write down the 3 dimensional heat conditional equation.
  • for different boundary conditions how will the equation vary?
  • in internal heat generation , what is the temperature profile in slab? how did u get it?
  • What is humidity?
  • What is dehumidification?

  • What is the difference between paints and Coating?
  • What is cruising speed of an automobile?
  • Design a vessel to store a liquid of certain volume
  • If I want to put a cryogenic fluid into the vessel which shape should I choose.
  • Draw a “W” on board and if one end is fixed and a horizontal force is acting at other end then design the “W”.
  • Draw the Iron-Carbide diagram and what is significance of this diagram and why do we use this diagram? From what %age of carbon, cast iron begins to develop?
  • What are the laws of thermodynamics?  Explain all.
  • What is newton’s law of viscosity?

  • What are Newtonian fluids? what are different types of Non-Newtonian fluids?
  • Draw the shear stress – strain diagram for these fluids. Draw for an ideal fluid and perfect plastic fluid.
  • What is a perfect plastic fluid?
  • Write down the generalized 3-dimensional conduction heat transfer equation.
  • Derive the 2 dimensional transient heat conduction equation.
  • Design a vessel to store a liquid of certain volume.
  • Questions on stainless steel and its properties.
  • Types of springs. draw the spring with all the details.
  • Define free and solid lengths.
  • Dhat is spring index. range of spring index.
  • To a machine 50 mm diameter hole with close tolerance, which machining progression will you use?
  • Tell me the machine elements use for automobile suspension.
  • Type of springs used in clocks
  • Draw a V-shaped structure, fixed at its top(both ends). 45 degree is the angle between the two arms of the V…a load,W acting on it at its bottom..tell about its stiffness?
  • Draw a rotating shaft supported at its ends by bearing..Apply a concentrated load at the middle of the shaft(at its top)..Design it??
  • Drive Cp,Cv relation
  • Consider a Beam of Rectangular x-sec , you have strain gauge and material properties are known. how will you find force acting on it?
  • If you want to calculate stress in other directions also, how many strain gauges will be required?
  • Write the expression of strains in all 3-directions
  • Which angle of projection do we use and why in Engineering Drawing?
  • What does the dotted lines indicate in ED?

  • Derive Work done in Isothermal Process
  • You have gas turbine, how can you increase the speed of Rotation of Turbine – I told them we can use Governor
  • Derive the expression of speed variation in Porter governor.
  • Explain hydro dynamic and thermal boundary layer.
  • what are the factors affect the friction both for laminar and turbulent.
  • let’s assume hot fluid passing through a pipe. what are the modes of heat transfer across the pipe. Explain.
  • Critical thickness , significance prandtl number , lewis no. , Nussel No.
  • Why we should use Gear ?
  • what about Scooty gear mechanism ?
  • What is the shear stress and bending moment distribution in hollow rectangular beam.
  • What is stiffness?
  • Draw a spring and told me to explain how diameter of coil varies with stiffness.
  • Do you know the laws of thermodynamics? can you tell us a bit about them.
  • what is entropy?
  • Derive Cp – Cv=R.

  • What’s choked Flow?
  • what’s the velocity at the smallest cross section in the choked flow?
  • why doesn’t the mass flow increase even with decreasing back pressure?
  • What is newton’s law of viscosity?
  • What are the types of viscosity?
  • Do you know about stoke and poise?
  • Tell us a bit about fits and tolerances?
  • Which assembly type do we use? Why?
  • Will the hole and shaft always fit in interference fit?
  • what are composites and how are they different from alloys?
  • What are the different theories of failure?
  • What theory will you use for cast iron?
  • What are the different methods to join metals?

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