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Crack NPCIL ET Interview

NPCIL ET Electronics Interview  Questions

In this post we are going to share with you interview experience of NPCIL ET Electronics.


npcil et electronics




Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) is a Public Sector Enterprise under the administrative control of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE),Government of India. The Company was registered as a Public Limited Company under the Companies Act, 1956 in September 1987 with the objectives of operating atomic power plants and implementing atomic power projects for generation of electricity in pursuance of the schemes and programmes of the Government of India under the Atomic Energy Act, 1962. NPCIL also has equity participation in BHAVINI, another PSU of Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) which implements Fast Breeder Reactors programme in the country.

NPCIL is responsible for design, construction, commissioning and operation of nuclear power reactors. NPCIL is a MoU signing, profit making and dividend paying company with the highest level of credit rating (AAA rating by CRISIL and CARE). NPCIL is presently operating 21 nuclear power reactors with an installed capacity of 5780 MW. The reactor fleet comprises two Boiling Water Reactors (BWRs) and 18 Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors (PHWRs) including one 100 MW PHWR at Rajasthan which is owned by DAE, Government of India. Latest addition to the fleet is the unit-1 of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project, a 1000 MW VVER (Pressurised Water Reactor type), which has started its commercial operation on December 31, 2014. Currently NPCIL has five reactors under various stages of construction/commissioning totaling 3800 MW capacity.


NPCIL ET Electronics Interview Experience 1

I am interviewed on 12th July 2016 11:30 slot .
Panel consisted of 6 members. My interview went like this . (I was not asked favourite subjects at the beginning and they were asking questions out of scope and in the middle i interrupted them and told them subjects signals, stocastic process , communications , EMTL)
What is communication?
What is morse code .
Explain BCD .
What is modulation and why is it required , cant we send a signal without modulation
What is the principle in optical communication.
What does operating system does (Its a selective subject in my final semester)
How does operating system manage dead locks.
One guy gave a question on transients in transmission lines
What are eigen values , eigen functions , where are they used
What is the volume of a cone . Derive it
What is boiling point , melting point . Some questions on heat (As we need to work on these after we were selected)
What is the role of impulse response
What is the difference between Verilog and c language
What is boltzman -maxwell distribution.

NPCIL ET Electronics Interview Experience 2

My fav are digital electronic, communication and signals and systems

Design LED using combinational circuit(I done BCD to 7 segment conversion using kmap). It took 10 min. They carefully watched how I’m proceeding each step…

Mod counter design 3. Pros and cons of edge and level trigger 4. Melay and Moore circuit 5.combinational and sequential circuit 6. Microprocessor design. Two 4 KB RAM , two 4 KB ROM using 16 bit address and 8 bit data Analog question 1. Common emitter amp 2. Characteristics of bjt and load line concepts

Vbe and Vce values in all region of characteristics

How VCE changes in saturation and active region with exp.

How capacitance value affect high freq characteristics of Amplifier

Hfe parameter of CE amp with pic and equations.

High and low freq analysis of bjt. ( I draw pic with capacitance and calculated voltage gain. You have to be clear which capacitance affect low freq and which affect high freq)

Interjection capacitance range.

voltage regulator

Networks theory(easiest part of my interview)

Thevenin and Max power transfer theorem definition and application.

Why always 50% power is transferred from load to source. Why not more than 50%

They gave prob to solve using thevenin.

How to solve bridge network with unequal arm resistance.. (I used mesh analysis. But they gave hint. Use star to delta conversion)

Communication : Sampling theorem

Why can’t use aliasing filter after sampling

1 Hz msg signal with 1.5 Hz Nyquist freq. Draw modulated signal.. Then changed to 2hz do same procedure.. Exp what changes occurs if we change Nyquist freq

Quantization and error analysis..

ADC and parameters… Which one is fastest.. Exp flash ADC with internal components

Resolution, precision, accuracy and reproducibility definition and difference between them..

When they went depth question in analog I said I don’t know sir. They switch to next sub.. Panel members are helpful. If u start analyse prob in right direction they helped to get final ans. If u do mistakes in steps they indicate to rectify it…if you correct any early steps give them valid reason.. Whenever you draw graph must name coordinates.. They used to confuse you by asking ‘are u sure? Is this right’ like that… Be confident while you r answering.. It was wonderful experience.. It took 1 hr 10 min. End of the day I was shortlisted for medical.. Next day they took shortlisted candidate to tarapur for medical test. It took full day. You and ur parents will get accommodation on that night.

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